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About us


About us

All the automation solutions are customized per customers' operation conditions and requirements. Besides Automatic Carton Block Palletizing System, Top Most Technology is also engaged in a couple of Robot workstations for metal processing in traditional industries to refine metal products, and at the same time reducing labor cost and enhancing work efficiency.    

With our steady quality of goods and superior service, we are approved and supported by many Taiwan's stock-listed top paper packaging manufacturers and their branch factories crossing Asia. In addition to them and some other local customers including metal equipment makers, we also have a considerable amount of customers in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand using our Robot Palletizing Automation System.

Top Most Technology will keep moving forward in profession and globalization, and continue to deliver excellent solutions to help customers optimize productivity to achieve an upmost win-win goal.

Top Most Technology has built up a very strong professional team spirit and is looking for ambitious people with expertise to join our future.