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Corrugated Carton block related

Automatic robot palletizing can help to reduce man power in bag palletizing and corrugated carton block palletizing. Which can lead to achieving high production to match high speed and heavy load operation line to the final solution.

Aluminum Die-casting application

Die-casting operation is using injected high temperature liquid Aluminun to produce mechanical parts, which causes a very hard environment for human to work in. Using robot automation can reduce labor effort and increase the efficiency for operation.

Deburring, Polish & Grinding related

It is very common for metal processing to have polishing, deburring, grinding process. These processes are very costly in heavy labor and time. Robot automation can reduce the requirement of labor and increase productivity.

Auto Machine Tending

Metal processing machine can be CNC, rolling or forging types. By implementing the automatic robot solution, it can allow attending operations to reduce labor requirements and lessen the danger of human labor.

Robot automation application

Other types of robot automation solution like precise die-casting, forging can be a very common situation. For new automation requirements, please contact us to discuss, design and implement a tailer-made solution to meet your automation target.