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Automatic Stacking System

The Robotic Stacking System is designed to reduce workload and systemize the whole conveying and stacking processes to optimize productivity for heavy-duty and big-size carton boxes. Every single design is customized. We can also design non-Robot conveying system while auto-stacking is not required.

Robotic Cardboard Prefeeder

The Robot Prefeeder System is designed to convey and feed the cardboard to printing machines. Manpower can be completely waived in the process. It can be connected with any kinds of printing machines.

Robotic Machine Tending

With Robots, we can even waive manpower in human-unfriendly working environments besides resolving the problem of moving heavy stuff such as the forged metal parts, or expediting the operation with higher accuracy such as inserting rolling parts. By coupling with sliding rails, Robots can also work in limited-space areas and move quickly in between CNC machines to increase work efficiency.

Robotic Aluminum Die-Casting

The operation is to pour molten metal into reusable moulds to produce mechanical parts. It's hard for human to work in such high-temperature environment. Our robotic automation can help to reduce manpower and increase the efficiency of operation.

Robotic Deburring, Grinding and Polishing

We can provide Robots by either selling or renting, or offering skillful works with our own robots, to do metal processing to make the jobs effortless, enhance the refinement of works, reduce the manpower and avoid the workers from injury simultaneously.

Auto Monitor

We can also design a monitoring system for checking the goods, classifying them, calculating and then recording them by connecting with computer per customers' requirements.