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Robotic Palletizing System

Robotic Palletizing System


  • Our system is mainly in combination with ABB Robot with protection level IP67 to integrate with palletizing equipment to supply a full range of Robotic Stacking & Palletizing operation for a wide range of packaging applications.
    The 4-axis robot is an exceptional fast machine with a 3.15-meter reach and can handle 180 kgs payload at full speed. And, our system can work with all kinds of printing machines.
    The required minimum installation space for a basic robotic stacking line is around 15Mx5.4Mx4.6M(H).

AI Palletizing Software
1. Automatically transfer data from printing machine
2. Automatically calculate the optimal stack configuration
3. Display the order details including cardboard and pallet specification, q'ty, stack configuration, etc., on screen
4. Auto alignment system

5. Auto-Counting and Auto-Printing Shipping Bill